Duromine and thyroid hormones

Hormones of thyroid gland T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) have direct or indirect impact on the rate of every metabolic process in the human body.

In fact, metabolism rate depends on the levels of thyroid hormones in the body. When thyroid hormones level is normal, almost all food is processed into energy, sufficient for active lifestyle.

Usually, obese people have thyroid gland dysfunction. Because of obesity, thyroid gland produces small amount of thyroid hormones, so metabolism becomes slower as well. The body cannot process all the consumed food into energy, accumulating it in form of fat deposits. As a result, person lacks energy for active lifestyle; he becomes sluggish, inactive and feels sleepy all the time.

Medical surveillance shows that one can normalize thyroid function by means of weight loss. In some cases, in order to lose weight, obese people are prescribed some appetite suppressants, like Duromine.

Duromine is administered to people with BMI above 30, as well as those, whose BMI is above 25, only accompanied by comorbidities, including thyroid dysfunction. Duromine is prescribed as a short-term supplement to weight loss plan (low calorie diet and physiotherapy).

It is recommended to use Duromine weight loss capsules together with products high in iodine (seaweed, sea fish, shellfish and sea kale). Sea kale is highly recommended to be included in daily menu, when using Duromine capsules. This product contains iodine – an essential element for normal level of the thyroid hormones in the human body. The sea kale also contains microelements that stimulate weight loss.

According to clinical studies, weight loss by means of Duromine drug increases the synthesis of thyroid hormones. Increased level of hormones activates thyroid function, resulting in high rate of metabolism.

Physical exercises, recommended during medical anti-obesity therapy, improve Duromine efficiency, as well as activate the work of thyroid gland. During the therapy by means of Duromine weight loss capsules, patient should focus on fat-burning exercises, as well as those aimed at back and forth neck bending. These motions will help to activate the synthesis of thyroid hormones.

For some patients, doctors can prescribe Duromine weight loss drug in combination with thyroid hormone (thyroxine). Usually, Duromine is added to a hormonal therapy for people with chronic disorders of the thyroid gland. However, patients can use Duromine capsules with thyroid hormones under medical supervision only.