Phentermine in Australia

Regardless of an opinion has been formed about Phentermine in the world; it remains one of the most popular drugs for the obesity therapy. Created in the last century as a means to combat depressive states, Phentermine sympathomimetic amine proved to be very effective in fighting excess weight.

An Australian pharmaceutical company iNova, which has become a part of Canadian pharmaceutical company Valeant since 2011, is the manufacturer and supplier of Phentermine anorectic drug.

iNova manufactures oral slimming drugs on the basis of Phentermine Resin Complex and Phentermine and supplies them at the pharmaceutical markets of Australia and New Zealand.

Anti-obesity drugs manufactured by iNova, are known to Australian patients under the brand names Phentermine Resin-Valeant, Phentermine Resin-iNova, Metermine and Duromine. These drugs are available as capsules in the dosage of 15mg, 30mg and 40mg.

Due to active substance Phentermine, the appetite is reduced in a patient.

  • The feeling of hunger and thoughts about food do not torment him anymore.

The patient quickly becomes saturated with small portions and feels himself active throughout the day. However, because of its ability to stimulate the central nervous system, Phentermine in Australia is prescribed for no more than 12 weeks just as in other countries.

Phentermine in Australia is recommended for the treatment of all types of obesity in adults and adolescents over 12 years old. Phentermine is not recommended for elderly people, who have accumulated a certain number of obesity-related diseases to this age.

A usual therapeutic dose of Phentermine for adults is 30 mg per day. This is a capsule, which should be taken during the breakfast without chewing it. Sometimes, when the patient suffers from excessive obesity and he needs to lose weight urgently, the daily dose of 40mg can be prescribed.


In individual cases, the therapeutic dose of Phentermine is prescribed in two intakes.

The first dose should be taken early in the morning, the second one – no later than 4-6 hours after the morning awakening. Avoid the dose use in the evening to prevent sleep problems.

Just as in the countries all over the world, Phentermine in Australia is not recommended during pregnancy.

  • No clinical data how Phentermine affects the fetus development and his health, so weight loss experts advise the future mums to choose non-drug methods of weight loss.
  • In addition, Phentermine weight loss drug is not recommended for nursing mothers.

Special clinical studies were not conducted, but it is generally known that almost all that a nursing woman consumes passes into the breast milk and may harm a nursing baby.

To prevent unwanted influence of Phentermine on the baby’s health, refuse using the anorectic or stop breastfeeding. Despite the numerous successful weight loss stories, there are some doubts about Phentermine effectiveness.

Such doubts are not groundless, and they are connected with the fact that Phentermine psychostimulant can cause various side effects, among which there are quite severe.

For this reason, health systems in many countries do not approve the use of Phentermine in Australia as well for treating obesity. Herewith, many Australians are not afraid of the risk of adverse reactions.

According to many patients used Phentermine anti-obesity drug, the result of treating obesity with this drug exceeds the risks of side effects. Therefore, obese patients willingly buy Phentermine in Australia without even thinking about the consequences of its use.

Amphetamine-like drugs, such as Phentermine can cause drug dependence; therefore, they are not recommended for patients who have had alcohol and drug addiction.

Before ordering Phentermine, make sure that this drug poses no threat to the mental and general health of the patient. Thoroughly having weighed all “pros” and “cons”, having consulted an experienced physician, the patient may start the obesity therapy with Phentermine capsules.