Metabolic syndrome in teenagers

Metabolic syndrome is a health state, characterized by several disorders in the body affecting the endocrine profile, the cardiovascular system and insulin resistance.

Usually, when adult people have metabolic syndrome, they suffer from obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and diabetes. Because all these disorders develop over the years, scientists believe that metabolic syndrome is only typical for adults. The truth is that children and teenagers have been also diagnosed metabolic syndrome in recent years.

Today pediatricians use the term “metabolic syndrome” quite often. This medical condition is diagnosed in children over 10 years old, who suffer from abdominal obesity, accompanied by high blood sugar (diabetes), high blood pressure, high cholesterol or high triglycerides level in the blood.

In teenagers, the metabolic syndrome rises gradually. So, timely diagnosis and treatment of metabolic syndrome may help to reduce the severity of this state and prevent the development of severe disorders in adulthood.

According to pediatric practice, metabolic syndrome often leads to diabetes mellitus and some cardiovascular disorders. That is why, it is necessary to visit a pediatrician regularly to diagnose the metabolic syndrome and begin a proper treatment as soon as possible.

Therapy of metabolic syndrome involves measures to stop progression of health disorders listed above, so that a child or a teenager was able to grow up healthy.

The first recommended measure to stop the progression of metabolic syndrome is a loss of body weight. Usually the treatment course involves a special diet, high physical activity (exercises) and even the use of weight loss drugs. Today, few weight loss medications are prescribed to teenagers; the most common one is Duromine.

Duromine drug can reduce the appetite and help teenagers to lose weight by improving the metabolism in the body. Moreover, Duromine pills can normalize the insulin resistance and reduce the symptoms of diabetes.

Weight loss by means of Duromine pills helps to reduce the probability of metabolic comorbidities. The blood pressure and the lipid metabolism become normal, and the risk of getting a heart disease or any other cardiovascular disease is minimal.

Because Duromine weight loss drug can suppress hunger pains effectively, teenagers stop eating all day long. In fact, many of them notice the lack of appetite within 10 hours after they took the first Duromine pill. This is a very important property of the drug, since children and teens cannot control their hunger on their own.

Actually, kids and teens love to eat junk food, because it is much tastier than “healthy” foods. Therefore, most diets are ineffective for them, causing psychological trauma and anger when parents try to limit the consumption of caloric foods for their children.

While extra measures (like Duromine drug) help teenagers to feel fine during the treatment of metabolic syndrome. Moreover, Duromine diet pills speed up the therapy of metabolic syndrome and associated disorders.

Although Duromine pills are safely prescribed to teenagers, they are available in few countries. For instance, Duromine weight loss pills are sold in Australia at local pharmacies. Nowadays, Duromine is prescribed to Australian teens over 12 years old.

If you live in Australia, you may find Duromine pills under other names, like Duromine Resin and Metermine as well. All these weight loss medications are similar and are supplied by one and the same company, called iNova Pharmaceuticals.

If you need to buy Duromine pills for your child, but they are pricey, you can order Duromine online. Regardless of the country you reside, Duromine pills will be delivered to you in the shortest time. If you purchase Duromine weight loss drug on online pharmacy, you will save time and money.