Sanorex review

Sanorex is a brand name of weight loss tablets containing active substance Mazindol. The manufacturer of Sanorex tablets is a pharmaceutical company Novartis. In 1973, the FDA approved Sanorex for obesity treatment in adult and pediatric patients. Today, Sanorex drug is no longer sold in the USA. […]


Mazindol side effects

Most people do not experience side effects after Mazindol use. However, it should be noted that Mazindol affects various functions and systems of the body. Therefore, it is almost impossible completely to exclude the risk of adverse events. […]


Mazindol review

Mazindol is a sympathomimetic amine; its mechanism of action is similar to mechanism of amphetamine action. In clinical practice, Mazindol is used only for a short-term therapy of obesity. Like any other sympathomimetic amine, Mazindol should be used in conjunction with diet and physiotherapy. […]


Mazindol manufacturers

The FDA approved Mazindol medication for obesity treatment in 1973. In the early 70s, a pharmaceutical company – Novartis got a license to sell Mazindol in the USA under the brand name Sanorex. During several decades, Novartis has produced Sanorex 1mg tablets and Sanorex 2mg tablets. The amount of anorexigenic agent Mazindol [...]


Mazindol in the USA

Mazindol is an anorexigenic drug that was previously used for the treatment of overweight and obesity in the United States. Despite the fact that this drug has been withdrawn from sale in the United States because of severe side effects, many people still leave positive feedbacks about Mazindol. […]


Mazindol in Argentina

Mazindol is classified as a sympathomimetic agent with anorectic properties. The drug suppresses appetite, so it is used for the treatment of overweight or obesity. Mazindol more effectively works in conjunction with diet and exercise. […]


Mazindol drug interactions

People with chronic diseases are often prescribed with several medications at once. Given that obesity can be accompanied by other diseases, so other medications can be prescribed in conjunction with Mazindol pills. […]


Mazindol dosage

Mazindol medication is prescribed for obesity treatment in pediatric patients over 12 years and adults. Mazindol weight loss tablets should be taken in the morning during meal. […]