Dimagrir Review

Dimagrir is a trade name of weight loss capsules containing active substance Mazindol. Each capsule of Dimagrir contains 3mg of active substance Mazindol. The manufacturer of Dimagrir (Mazindol) capsules is Argentine pharmaceutical company Gador.

Dimagrir capsules are prescribed as obesity treatment in pediatric patients over 12 years and adults. Old people over 65 years did not participate in clinical and non-clinical studies of Dimagrir. Therefore, old people with overweight should not take Dimagrir capsules.

Like any other drug containing active substance Mazindol, Dimagrir is prescribed as a short-term treatment of obesity.

  • Dimagrir capsules should be used in the combination with low-fat diet and regular physical loads. The maximum recommended duration of using Dimagrir capsules is 12 weeks.

Dimagrir diet capsules should be taken regularly at the same time to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. Most often, doctors recommend their patients to take Dimagrir capsules 30 minutes before breakfast.

Before starting the obesity drug therapy, it should be noted that Dimagrir drug could cause side effects. The most common side effects of Dimagrir are the following: dizziness, nausea, insomnia. As a rule, these side effects are mild and do not require the termination of the obesity treatment.

Dimagrir capsules may provide teratogenic effect, thus they should not be used in pregnant and nursing women. Obese and overweight women of childbearing age are recommended to use reliable methods of contraception during the whole period of Dimagrir use.

If regular use of Dimagrir capsules within 3 months has not led to weight loss, the drug therapy of obesity should be discontinued.

As an alternative to Dimagrir (Mazindol), a doctor may prescribe other prescription diet pills (Sibutramine, Phentermine) or recommend using OTC diet pills.

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