Adipex and cardiovascular side effects

Adipex as well as any anorexigenic drugs can cause cardiovascular and other side effects. But the fact that this drug causes adverse reactions sometimes must never be the reason not to use anti-obesity treatment by means of Adipex.

  • Despite the fact that Adipex can cause cardiovascular side effects, the benefits outweigh the risk of these undesirable effects significantly.

Adipex drug allows people to reduce the body weight by 5-15% and minimize the risk of concomitant diseases, including cardiovascular ones.

The most common cardiovascular side effects of Adipex (Phentermine) are:

High blood pressure
Primary pulmonary hypertension

The occurrence of side effects

Most Adipex adverse reactions occur in the first several days of anti-obesity therapy. These are called short-term side effects.

It happens because the body adapts to pharmacological effect of Phentermine active substance.

  • Undesirable symptoms will subside and completely go away in several days.

Cardiovascular side effects may occur in several weeks of using of Adipex weight loss pills.

Usually, long-term side effects arise due to overload of cardiovascular system.


Who may have side effects?

Theoretically, anti-obesity drugs may cause side effects in anybody who uses these drugs. The severity and frequency of side effects depend on individual characteristics of the body, dosage used, as well as degree and severity of obesity.

Adipex sympathomimetic amine reduces the appetite and increases the blood pressure. Therefore, cardiovascular side effects occur mostly in obese people, who suffer from heart and vascular system pathologies.

If overweight or obesity has appeared recently, then the heart and small and large blood vessels remain undamaged. Such category of patients is at lower risk of side effects.

Lifestyle may cause side effects as well.

  • People, leading a sedentary lifestyle combined with large amounts of fatty food, have cardiovascular side effects more often than other people do.

Alcohol abuse and smoking do also affect the incidents of adverse reactions. While using Adipex diet pills, it is recommended to reduce the consumption or totally quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

Control and prevention of side effects

Anybody using Adipex weight loss pills must know how to react to side effects. To begin with, you need to motivate yourself to a proper understanding of negative reactions and be ready they may occur.

It is important to know that:

  • Anti-obesity treatment provides benefit, for instance, reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Adipex gives a chance to change the quality and longevity of life
  • Most side effects are mild and disappear with time
  • Side effects can be controlled by extra treatment if needed

To reduce the risk of cardiovascular negative reaction of Adipex, doctors recommend to eat regularly, quit smoking and drinking alcohol, stay physically active, but avoid intense physical exercises and usage of other weight loss pills, even those you can buy without prescription.

You should take Adipex pills at the same time every day. The best way is to use them every 1-2 hours before or after breakfast. If any side effects occur, it is recommended to take half a tablet of Adipex twice daily.

The proper use of Adipex weight loss pills helped millions of people learn to control the appetite and reduce the body weight without having cardiovascular side effects. It is not necessary that you will have adverse events, but if it happens, then keep in mind that you can always find the way to get rid of them.