Adipex and cholesterol

Obesity treatment using Adipex includes changes in the lifestyle, namely cooking and consuming balanced meals and increase in physical activity. Healthy diet must provide the body with all the necessary and healthy substances and small amount of calories.

Such macro-elements as fats, proteins and carbohydrates are described in many scientific articles and reviews of ordinary people. From now on, even healthy people know that they need to reduce the consumption of bad fats and simple carbs.

Speaking of other nutrients, people may find controversial and sometimes unreliable information.

  • Therefore, people, losing weight by means of Adipex (Phentermine) want to know more about the impact of cholesterol on the body.

Obese people often learn from TV and from their friends that they should reduce the consumption of foods containing cholesterol. But at the same time, people hear the answer that cholesterol is not harmful for the human body at all. Moreover, the body cells, especially in liver synthesize cholesterol; hence, the cholesterol consumed with food simply cannot be bad.

So, is cholesterol bad or good for health? Do we need to fight it anyways?

Cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in membranes of all the body cells. There is a lot of cholesterol in the nerve tissue. Cholesterol is necessary for the synthesis of sex and many other hormones.

High level of cholesterol can be less harmful than low levels of this nutrient. Therefore, people using Adipex, should first check the blood cholesterol and then, depending on the results, choose one of many diets.

Usually, the blood cholesterol in people who are overweight or obese is above the norm.

  • The excess cholesterol is accumulated on the walls of the blood vessels, forming the atherosclerotic plaques.

These plaques reduce the lumen of the blood vessel and the blood flow, while clots formation causes the vascular occlusion.

Adipex anorexigenic drug is not intended for treatment of high blood cholesterol, yet can facilitate it. The mechanism of action of Adipex is not only the appetite suppression, but also an increase in the blood pressure.

Adipex contains Phentermine active substance, increasing the blood flow and preventing the formation of atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots. Therefore, the sooner you begin Adipex weight loss therapy, the better for your cardiovascular system and overall health.

The human body produces the major part of cholesterol and this process is hard to control. But let’s not forget that people get cholesterol from food as well. This source of cholesterol can be and must be controlled.

What do we do if the blood cholesterol is high?

Any overweight person can reduce his blood cholesterol level. All he needs to do is change the lifestyle. People should move more, eat properly, refuse from large amount of alcohol and quit smoking.

Firstly, you should quit consuming animal fat, containing large amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. These are also found in dairy products, butter, high-fat cheese, baking and fatty meat.

When using Adipex weight loss pills, you should replace all fat by vegetable oil and foods containing cod liver oil. In addition, you need to eat foods low in cholesterol, like fat-free dairy products.

By following these rules, you can reduce your blood cholesterol by 10-15%.

  • Further weight loss will also help to normalize the blood cholesterol levels.

Adipex drug is intended for a short-term obesity monotherapy (no more than 12 weeks). Therefore, before you buy Adipex (Phentermine), check out the cholesterol level. This will help you to choose an optimal dietary pattern and cure your obesity much faster.